School Policies

We believe in working with parents to enable your children achieve their ambitions and reach their full potential. We request that parents follow school policies and meet expectations.

School Security

  1. All visitors must report to reception
  2. All changes to travel arrangements must be provided to the school in writing
  3. Teacher appointments must be scheduled at reception or with the teacher directly via their school email address


  1. Encourage your children
  2. Inform your children of their progress through reports and schedule individual meetings with teachers where needed
  3. Care for physical and emotional well being
  4. Support your children with their homework


The students will be continually assessed and appropriate feedback will be provided. Cambridge assessments will be implemented for English, Mathematics and Science. Students in the high school will appear for the Checkpoint exams and the Cambridge IGCSE and A Level examination.

Mobile Phones

Students are not permitted to use a mobile phone during school hours.


  1. Please provide all stationery required in the school stationery lists
  2. Stationery is kept at the school for refilling throughout the school year

Classroom System and Discipline

  1. Follow the daily timetable
  2. Students will be withheld during break time if their homework is unfinished
  3. No toys and electronic gadgets are allowed (only if requested for educational purpose)

Physical Education (P.E)

  1. A note is required if a child is unable to participate
  2. Wear PE kit on PE day

School Uniform

  1. Please label all belongings
  2. All pupils should have a hat and the hat must be worn during outside play / activities
  3. NO Jeans (Denim) shorts or trousers

Food Policy

  1. Please provide a healthy lunchbox for both breaks
  2. No sweets
  3. No nuts
  4. Bring in a full water bottle each day with a flip lid (to prevent spillages)
  5. Children can only share if they bring a treat for the whole class to be given at the end of the school day

Tired Students

Sleep is important

Please have your child in bed at a reasonable hour as they are on the go all throughout the day in school.

Sickness Policy

Inform your child’s teacher in writing or by e-mail if your child will be absent and when they will be returning to school.

If sick please stay at home

Home Reading Policy

  1. Reading books will be sent every week (starting soon) for the primary students. The older students are permitted to borrow books from the library.
  2. Spend at least 5-10 minutes each evening reading with your child.
  3. Useful reading websites will be sent to be used.

Notes from Parents

Notes from parents are required for the following:

  1. For all sickness, doctors appointments, etc
  2. Holiday leave and days off
  3. Traveling home changes

General day to day communication is to be sent through e-mail

Unscheduled Holidays

  1. Please try and be at school for a full term
  2. A letter is required for any unscheduled holiday leave in advance


  1. Staff will open the gate and be on duty from 7:35 am
  2. 1st bell is at 7:50 am
  3. Students must be in playground by 7.50 am
  4. Lesson starts promptly at 8:00 am, if late sign in at reception
  5. 2:00 pm to 2:10 pm all students leave school (except those registered for after school activities)
  6. Please collect your children promptly

After School Activities and After School Care

  1. After school activities start at 2:10 pm and run until 3:00 pm
  2. Children should be collected on time
  3. Please note: If your child is NOT involved in an After School Activity there is NO After School Care for any students after 2:10 pm
  4. You will be charged for care arrangements on your account if your child is still at school after 2:10 pm and is not registered to attend an after school activity
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