Virtual Learning

Our Virtual Learning plan is designed to support our students and parents as much as possible and deliver the best quality of education to our valuable students in the next few weeks. At Multi, we will use Microsoft Teams video conferencing as the main tool for our virtual learning classes, where students have a live and a very interactive interaction with their teachers, ensuring that students get the support they need behind the screen. We will be covering all curriculum subjects, which include English, Math, Science, Global Perspectives/Humanities, Design and Technology, Music, Art, PE, PSHE, ICT, Expressive Art, French, Arabic and Islamic Studies. The digital platforms used, allow us to assign differentiated tasks according to abilities and needs and monitor the child’s progress.

For Arabic and Islamic, we also use Microsoft Teams where our A&I team actively works with our students to complete their tasks and follow up on their activities.

As we know students need a higher level of attention behind the screen, we have planned for both smaller groups and 1:1 sessions with our students when needed, which also includes an in school day for either a 1:1 or a group of students, which will be used both for baseline assessments and individual support. Each year group will be given a specific days bearing in mind COVID-19 safety measures and ensuring that only a small number of students join at a time in collaboration with the homeroom teacher.

At Multi, we strongly believe that parents are our partners and play an active role in the child’s learning journey. We are all in this together and hence we will support each other and work together to enable our valuable children to achieve their ambitions and reach their full potential. While this is not a journey that any of us could have anticipated, we sincerely hope that we provide our students with the best quality of education, bearing in mind both their educational and emotional needs and ensuring that we support our students’ academic development through lively and interactive sessions.

We look forward to the day where we all get back together and fill our school again with life, laughter and learning!

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