School Uniform Price List

Academic Year 2021-2022

School Uniform Policy

Academic Year 2021-2022

Multinational School (Multi) Uniform

Only blue Multi shirts, navy blue pants, skirts, shorts, jackets, and hats may be worn.
Pants are to be secured at the waist i.e. no abdominal skin or underwear is to be visible.
If t-shirts are visible under the school shirt, they must be white.

Hats / Head Coverings

Students may not wear hats or bandanas/ head coverings inside the school building during the regular school day unless previously approved for medical or religious reasons. Religious heading coverings must be white, navy blue, or black.


Shoes – Students must wear sensible shoes for foot protection and hygienic reasons. Footwear should be plain black shoes/sneakers/sandals with black laces. No boots or high heels may be worn.

Socks – Socks must be plain navy/black/pale blue/white.

General Appearance and Hygiene

Students’ clothing should be well maintained, clean, and neat. Students must keep their bodies and hair clean and well-groomed.

Hair must be tied back and away from the eyes. If dyed, hair should have a natural color. Hair must be well-groomed/brushed and combed. No patterned, designed or spiky hairstyles are allowed. Hairbands and headbands must be plain navy, black, pale blue, or white. No bandanas may be worn.


No necklaces, bracelets/bangles, anklets, or rings of any kind may be worn as they present a safety and health hazard. The only items that may be worn are a single gold/silver stud earring in each ear and a watch.


Only a natural foundation and clear lip balm may be worn. No eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, blusher, lipstick, or nail polish is allowed.

Multi P.E. Uniform

Students participating in Physical Education courses must adhere to the dress code stipulated by the P.E. Department. The code states that:
Multi P.E. T-shirts and shorts must be worn. Multi school tracksuit pants may be worn during the colder months. Sports shoes with non-marking soles must be worn in the gym. School shoes and black soled shoes are not permitted. School socks or white sports socks must be worn.

Non-Uniform Days

On non-uniform days students’ clothing must be tasteful and inoffensive. Decorations, symbols, mottos, or designs printed on clothing or attached to the body which is deemed to be inappropriate may not be worn on the school premises or to school functions. These include designs or text that represent or advertise tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or identify the wearer as a member or sympathiser of any anti-social group, gang, or ideology (secret or otherwise) or make any statement or suggestion that is discriminatory in nature.

Consequences for Non-compliance

Students in violation of the Multi Dress Code will be required to change into appropriate clothing before returning to class. If the appropriate clothing is not readily available, the students will be required to contact their parents to provide the appropriate clothing. Failure to comply or remedy the situation will result in a warning. After three warnings, students will have to be collected from the school premises by their parents and will only be allowed to return to school when dressed in accordance with the Multi Dress Code. The Multi Dress Code must be followed during examinations and the above consequences remain applicable.

Implementation of the Multi Dress Code

All staff members are responsible for the implementation of the Multi Dress Code. To ensure uniformity, the Principals will determine the appropriateness of the student’s dress and appearance. The Principals’ decisions will be final.

These requirements are conducive to learning, set an appropriate tone, and prepare students for the formal workplace.

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